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Guangzhou Yongxiang Electrical Appliance Factory is a member of China Transformer Industry Association. We are a comprehensive enterprise specialized in  designing, making and selling of EI transformer, step-up & step-down transformer, toroidal transformer, SG three phase transformer, DG single dry type transformer, phase control tranformer, stabilized voltage power supply, high frequency transfomer, PCB transformer, CD type transformer, R type transformer, full automatic compensated stabilizer and other special transformers.

Our transformers are widely applied to the power-supply system of audio equipment, beauty equipment, stage light, LED light, underwater light, multimedia, machinery, machine tool, lift, welder and so on. The products have been sold nationwide in major cities and U.S.A, France, Germany, British, Italy, Canada, India, Japan and so on and have earned good reputation.
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View of Factory

Our factory is located in Baiyun district, Guangzhou city, which is next to the baiyun international air port, having convenient transportation and favorable geographical position.


  • Toroidal transformer-10
    These toroidal transformers ranging from 15VA through 1KVA, dual primary inputs 120/240V, 50/60Hz, and dual secondary outputs ranging from 2 x 12V through 2 x 120V. We also specialize in custom designs.
  • Three phase SG isolation transformer and three phase SOG auto-transformer-4
    One of our most demanded transformers, 3 PH isolation transformer (Three Phase Isolation Transformer) is widely used for decoupling two circuits. The equipment allows AC signals to pass and blocks the DC signals. The efficient product is also used in the
  • Single phase,BK control transformer-2
    This BK series control transformer is widely applied to the signal lamp,safe-light, small relay, small motor of machinery and equipment and electric automatization.(The mode of connection:lead wire,connection,brass screw)

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