15W Single Output Power Supply

15W Single Output Power Supply
15W Single Output Power Supply
  • 15W Single Output Power Supply
  • 15W Single Output Power Supply
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Product Information

AC/DC Power Supplies
15W Single Output Power Supply
AC Input Range Selectable By Switch
Low Cost,High Reliability
Low Power Consumption
Built-in EMI Filter
Protections: Over Load /Short Cir Circuit
100% Full Load High Temperature Burn-in Test
Specification :
Input Voltage Range : 85-132VAC/170-264VAC Selectable By Switch
Input Frequency :  47-63Hz
Inrush Current : Cold Start,15A/115VAC , 25A/230VAC
Output Adjustment Range :  ±10% Rated Output Voltage
Line Regulation :  ≤0.5
Output Over Load Protection:  105%-150% Fold Back Current Limiting,Auto-recovery
Output Short Circuit Protection: Fold Back Current Limiting,Auto-recovery
Rise,Hold Up Time :  100mS,20mS at full Load (Typical)
Hip-pot Isolation :  I/P-O/P 3KVAC ,I/P-FG 1.5KVAC ,OP/FG 0.5KVAC
Operating Temperature Range : 0℃ to 50 ℃ @100%,-10℃@80%,+60℃@60% Load
Storage Temperature Range : -40℃ to +85℃ ,0 to 95%RH (Non-Condensing)
Safety Standards : Design Refer to UL1012
EMC Standard : Design Refer To FCC Part 15J
Cooling Method :  Free Air Cooling Convection
Weight : 0.31Kg/pcs

Product Model         DC Output              Load  regul.          R&N    Efficiency     
HTS-15-3.3 3.3V,0-3A 1% 50mA 60%
HTS-15-5 5V,0-3A 1% 50mA 65%
HTS-15-7.5 7.5V,0-2A 1% 50mA 66%
HTS-15-9 9V,0-1.7A 1% 50mA 67%
HTS-15-12 12V,0-1.3A 0.5% 50mA 68%
HTS-15-13.5 13.5V,0-1.1A 0.5% 50mA 69%
HTS-15-15 15V,0-1A 0.5% 75mA 70%
HTS-15-24 24V,0-0.7A 0.5% 100mA 72%


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