DBW 30KVA Single Phase Compensated Stabilizer

DBW 30KVA Single Phase Compensated Stabilizer
DBW 30KVA Single Phase Compensated Stabilizer
  • DBW 30KVA Single Phase Compensated Stabilizer
  • DBW 30KVA Single Phase Compensated Stabilizer
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Product Information

This full automatic compensated voltage stabilizer is designed to stabilize AC voltage , It adopts principle of superposition and compensating method, when the power grid's voltage fluctuates or the fluctuates caused by load variation, it can automatically maintain the satiability of output voltage.
We have two type of full automatic compensated voltage stabilizer :DBW single phase compensated voltage stabilizer and SBW three phase compensated voltage stabilizer.The capacity is from 10KVA to 2400KVA.

Basic Data:
Input: AC Power with Voltages of Various Countries
Output: AC Current, Voltage, According to Customers Requirements
Power: from 10KVA to 2400KVA
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Phase:single phase and three phase
Mode of control: Analog Controlled Circuit
Parameter Setting: Adjust by potentiometer
Indication: to show the voltage and current by pointer type meter

SMT,CNC,equipment,spark machine,slow fee numerical control device,imported printing and package mechanism equipment,electric,shortwave,medium wave,microwave transmitting equipment,computerized embroidery machine,clothing industry tools,elctroplating equipment,automated factory equipment,lift,refrigeration plant,industrial and mining enterprises,generator corollary equipment,CT and so on.

Main Features:
This series products has many advantage such as large capacity,high efficiency,no additional waveform distortion,adjust the voltage steady,the strong ability of impact resistance,suit any load,working continuously,auto/manual transfer,using easily,operational reliability and so on.

Operating environment
1)Temp.:The ambient temperature can not over +40℃。
2)Altitude: Mounting location can not exceed the altitude of 2000m
3)Relative humidity: Maximum 90%
4)The site not attack by rain and snow
5)The medium which no explosion danger, no corroding metal, no electrical breakdown

Testing Items:
No-load Test(No-load Current, No-load Voltage, No-load Loss)
Load Test (Load Voltage, Temperature-rise)
Inductive Voltage Test
DC Resistance Test
Safety Test

The certificate of our transformer has CE CQC RoHs UL

The above-mentioned compensated voltage stabilizer is frequently-used, we can also manufacture the products by customer design. And the specification is for reference, if has the change further, please take the material object as the standard.


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