EI57*30 Transformer

EI57*30 Transformer
EI57*30 Transformer
  • EI57*30 Transformer
  • EI57*30 Transformer
  • Model: EI57*30
  • Country: China
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Product Information

Single Phase Transformer
This kind ofsingle phase distribution transformer are widely applied to AC/AC power supply, audio, video, multimedia, amplifier, IT equipment, electrical business equipment, industry control equipment, household electric equipment, lamp.

a) High efficiency
b) Low heat generation
c) 3 frames or full isolation bobbin
d) The cores are lapped by silicon steel sheet of high - quality and have been treated by insulation
e) Clean appearance and convenient installation
f) Competitive pricing.

Basic Data

Capacity: 25VA
Phase: Single
Input: 110V 60Hz
Output: 48V-0.41A ,11V-0.45A
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Voltage Regulation: 12%-3%
Manufacture Standard: GB/T15290-94, GB/19212-2006, GB2828-2829-87
Insulation Class: B, 
Temperature-rise: ≤85 Celsius Degree

Testing Items:
No-load Test(No-load Current, No-load Voltage, No-load Loss)
Load Test (Load Voltage, Temperature-rise)
Inductive Voltage Test
DC Resistance Test
Safety Test

Operating environment:
1) Temp.: The ambient temperature can not over +40℃。
2) Altitude: Mounting location can not exceed the altitude of 2000m
3) Relative humidity: Maximum 90%
4) The site not attack by rain and snow
5) The medium which no explosion danger, no corroding metal, no electrical breakdown
Single phase transformer diagram

Here is This Type transformer picture belower:


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