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Power supply adaptor-6

Power supply adaptor-6
Power supply adaptor-6
  • Power supply adaptor-6
  • Power supply adaptor-6
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Product Information

The input voltage of this type of adaptor is from AC90V to 250V,frequency Hz 50/60Hz,output voltage from12V,output current 2A or 3A.The dimensions is 118X58X35mm.And widely applied to LED Monitor Potrable DVD,GPS,Audio player and LCDTV,etc.

High performance
Energy saving
Low femperature
Current surge protection

Testing Items:
No-load Test(No-load Current, No-load Voltage, No-load Loss)
Load Test (Load Voltage, Temperature-rise)
Inductive Voltage Test
DC Resistance Test
Safety Test

Operating environment
1)Temp.:The ambient temperature can not over +40℃。
2)Altitude: Mounting location can not exceed the altitude of 2000m
3)Relative humidity: Maximum 90%
4)The site not attack by rain and snow
5)The medium which no explosion danger,no corroding metal,no electrical breakdown

All our adaptors have got CE and CQC certification.

Label Info:
Certificate Logo, Basic Electronic Data, Manufacture's Information,also can be printed according to customer's Advice

The above-mentioned products is frequently-used,we can also manufacture the products by customer design.And the specification is for reference,If has the change futher,please take the material object as the standard.


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